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My ice bank froze completely in the week it has now defrosted

My ice bank froze completely in the week it has now defrosted but the red warning light is staying on.

Post Mix carbonated drinks system service

I have a Cornelius Cadet SR Post Mix (Bag in a Box) and would like to get it serviced and cleaned if anyone knows of any companies who carry this service out. Would much appreciate any information.




Changing coupler from cobra to San Miguel there is new type gas and beer feed you don’t screw on do you just cut old feed tubes from old coupler and slot in to San Miguel new coupler does it automatically grip tubes

do you advise to put beer back to kegs ?

MOST CERTAINLY NOT!  Messing about with pressurised kegs is dangerous, as well as infecting the whole container with foreign bacteria.

what is glycol and what does it do?

Quite simply it is an Anti-freeze for water cooled remote python systems. Glycol is food quality and is supplied by the brewers Technical Services.  Under no circumstances should the Anti-freeze that is used in cars be used.

Are cellar gas monitors a legal requirement?

Not at the moment, this has been discussed in the forum

Is it now time for every pub to have Co2 Detector

What size kegs can you get in uk

This page might help   Beer Container Sizes

Please help – bought a bar with no cellar

Please help – bought a bar with no cellar – would like to serve draft – no room need an under counter solution-any ideas please


Provided you have room for storing kegs under your bar there should be no problem. It is quite normal in restaurants and small bars to have under-counter installations. Using under counter flash coolers and small 11 gallon kegs you should be able to sell draught. Best to contact a local dispense engineer for a survey.

What does glycol do?

Glycol is mixed with the water that is recirculated to the heat dump unit outside (bit like the radiator in a car) preventing the remote cooler refrigeration unit from overheating. Glycol stops the water freezing in winter, your service provider should be checking the mix periodically.

What is the expected life of beer lines? How often do they need changing?

We would like to say five years however it depends who is paying and their point of view. It has been discussed in the forum. Beer line replacement

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