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Someone has helped out at our pub and fiddled with the gas

Someone has helped out at our pub and fiddled with the gas, not sure what they have done but now the cider is coming through with lots of fizz but is flat and the Guinness is thin with no head, all the other beers are OK – any ideas?

how long should a bottle of CO2 last with 11 gallon kegs


Co2-gas-reg how long should a standard bottle of CO2 last when used with 11 gallon kegs. we seem to be using one nearly for each keg.

Not sure how many kegs to a bottle you would get, it also depends if you are using gas pump as well.

However we do have a post in the forum which can give up to 14 kegs from a mixed gas bottle

You obviously have a gas leak somewhere and should immediately call out Tech Services and keep the cellar well ventilated.

Co2 can be dangerous perhaps you should read this post as well.

Best gas for serving Stella Artois

What’s the best gas for serving Stella Artois (Gods beer for those who are not yobs and can handle the strength) Co2 or 60/40 mix in a home bar?

Big Daz

Changing the lager to 60/40

I have just started to run a bar in a hotel and the Tetley smooth flow and Carlsberg are both running on one tank of 30/ 70 gas. I know 60/40 would be better for the lager because its always fobbing, what would be involved in changing the lager too 60/40.

What is the difference between a CO2 and an N2 gas regulator?

What is the difference between a CO2 and an N2 gas regulator, ???? apart from the second gauge won’t work if a CO2 regulator is on a N2 cylinder…..

Does McEwan’s 80 work of co2 or mixed gas ?

Does McEwan’s 80 work of co2 or mixed gas ?

We use 30/70 gas for bitter can we use the CO2 instead?

Co2-gas-regWe currently use 70/30 gas for draught ansells best bitter at our bowling club, but the brewery we now use only supplies CO2 gas, can we use the CO2 instead? we currently use CO2 for cider.


You can use Co2, Ansells Bitter used to be dispensed using Co2. However depending on the run from the container it may need a gas pump to assist getting to the tap. Your local technical dispense services will need to  sort this out for you, to balance the “Top Pressure” with the temp of your cellar. However the reason we use 30/70 mixed gas these days is that it can be very forgiving and has virtually wiped out the problems we used to have with fobbing bitters.

What gas pressure required to dispense draught guinness?

Secondary Gas Valve

What gas pressure is required to dispense draught guinness



If you are lucky enough to have a secondary valve with a gauge on and it is showing less than 32psi you should call out Tech Services to adjust it.





What pressure should Co2 be on event bars

Co2-gas-regWhat pressure should Co2 be at for Stella 4 and thatchers as I use 60/40 on my event bars but now going over to co2 as it’s cheaper!! Many thanks


Co2 pressure on outside bars can be a nightmare you have to get the balance pressure right depending on the temperature of the keg; but as this is constantly changing throughout the day because you do not have a regulated cellar temperature, you will never get it right. Wastage through fobbing could cost you a lot more it is better to stick with mixed gas.

Do i have to turn off gas before disconnecting the keg?

It is best practice to do so.

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