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beer line waste

how much beer should be pulled off after cleaning one line.

Should lines only be cleaned when pub is closed?

Should lines only be cleaned when pub is closed?

What is the best hygiene slogan on beer

One that springs to mind but I’m sure there are better ones out there;  Always be clean, practice good hygiene

how should i dry glasses?

Best practice is to let glasses drain and dry naturally, inverted on  clean glass storage mats.

read our full article on glass care

do you advise to put beer back to kegs ?

MOST CERTAINLY NOT!  Messing about with pressurised kegs is dangerous, as well as infecting the whole container with foreign bacteria.

if a line will not be needed for a while, would you leave the cellarbuoy empty till next needed ?

I would flush through with water every line clean, to avoid the stagnant water taste/smell. If it not being used for a long time flush cleaning fluid periodically to keep the line fresh and then give it a normal line clean before use.

Can you please tell me if there is such a thing as a 24 hour beer line clean. Thank you.

Not that I know about why would you want to leave lines in cleaner for 24 hours? This would create all sorts of problems mainly tainting the lines. Chemicals in lines for long periods is certainly not recommended.

is it against the law to dry glasses with a clean tea towel?

It’s not good practice you will be transferring bacteria from the tea towel to the clean glass. Just how clean is the tea towel and for how long?

Is it against the law to polish glasses in a pub with a tea towel?

It is not good practice , how clean is your tea towel?

Is it ok to use out of date line cleaner?

Is it OK to use out of date line cleaner what would happen if I was to use out of date line cleaner?


The question should be do chemicals degrade over time and is not a question we can really answer because none of us are chemists.

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