beer line waste


how much beer should be pulled off after cleaning one line.


  1. If you use a good quality line cleaning fluid they will supply test strips for use after cleaning to ensure all the fluid has been flushed through. Experience in our cellar says 2 pints is about right but all cellars are different.

  2. Sorry the question was a bit unclear, using a caustic cleaner the best option would be to pull through 2 gallon (16 pints) of clean water not just to clear out the cleaning fluid, but to remove any debris that is in the line. Cleaning fluid doesn’t dissolve the yeast as you would think it just breaks it up, if you don’t remove all the yeast it will just stick back to the pipe with a cleaning fluid taste. After the lines have been flushed through it is then I would pull off ¾ pint of beer.

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