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How do I clear air from cask beer lines?

How do I clear air from cask beer lines

Always a good idea to switch the gas pump off when not in use

Gas pumpAlways a good idea to switch the gas pump off when not in use, especially on cask ales sometimes if you get an air lock in the pump, it will just keep pumping and it always seems to happen overnight so by the morning you’ve emptied your gas bottle.

how do I know if someone serves me a beer that hasn’t finished its secondary fermentation?

After the live beer gets filled in the cask, how long does it need to condition in the tank for? As a consumer, how do I know if someone serves me a beer that hasn’t finished its secondary fermentation in the cask?


It would be easier for you to read this . In answer to the second part of your question it would be cloudy.

How long after delivery of cask ale, can the barrel be vented?

You could vent it straight away, however it will have been bouncing about on the lorry. So it would be a good idea to leave it a couple of hours or so but it all depends on the brew some are more volatile than others.

Is back filtering legal?

Which spile do you use when venting cask ale?

A soft peg, you should read our cask ale section for reference.

What causes excess fobbing of real ales?

Has the beer been properly stillaged and allowed to go through the proper secondary fermentation process? Sometimes cask beers can be put on sale too soon and the beer is still fretting. Make sure you beer has dropped out properly. How old is the beer, how long on service? Are your cask ale lines clean and free from yeast?

When do you use a hard peg in real ale barrel?

Once cask ale has completed it’s secondary fermentation a hard peg should be used. Also between serving sessions it is a good idea to hard peg your cask, it will help keep it in condition.

When should I vent a cask ale for use in ten days

I have a cask which I want to serve in 10 days time, but I’m not sure when I should vent it. I am worried that if I do it too early, the beer may go off, and too late, the keystone could be forced out. Please can you advise me? Thanks


As long as it is well in date, stored in a cool place and not too volatile a brew you should be OK it is sometimes stored by wholesalers for that long anyway. This should really be up for discussion in the forum everyone’s point of view is different. Personally in five days I would roll it, tap and vent and then hard peg it, then monitor it till it is used. Use this article as a reference.     spiling-pegging-venting-real-ales

How would you store a cask ale when it is being delivered?

Lashed upright so it doesn’t roll about, then roll it before stillaging.

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