Cask Ales

cask beers do they need a head

The brewery I go to in Bend oregon uses a small disperser on the end of the cask beer pump to add more air and a bigger head is this necessary or just a gimmic it does change the taste of the beer over when the disperser off.   Thanks bob brubaker

beer head problem

can anyone help with this problem please our cask ale is pouring ok and with a good head on it but almost always the head falls flat after a couple of sips and breaks up into spore like rings

Cask probes – any good?

Evening, We’re getting married in March and want to lay on a cask ale from a local brewery, I have a Carling home tap on a two product cooler which is great (wife hates it, haha!). Just wondering about cooling an ale; Ive been looking at the cask probes, they look superb as we want…

Cask stillage

Hi, I’m opening a new bar that I will serve 5 cask ales that will be guest ales, meaning once the firkin is empty I will change the cask for a different beer from a different micro brewery. I have had mixed opinions on having vertical or horizontal stillage with auto tilts. Can someone give…

Decanting a cask into a Bag-in-Box


I own a pub and it is tied – so can only get 9g casks of real ale. We sell through enough to have two fixed and one guest ale on at a time, but I want to increase the offering to 2+2.  My bright, excuse the pun, idea is to decant a cask into…

Cask ale in Tasmania, Australia?

G’day I am needing assistance with my desire to pour Cask Beer. I am own small brewery in Australia. I have a Beer Engine and half a dozen new 9 gallon casks. They have no fittings. Can you help me decipher what I need? I don’t necessarily need to run the Beer Engine as I…

Cask ale not clearing down issues

We have just had cellar temperature issues due to the thermostat on the cellar air conditioning failing. As a result all our vented cask beers became cloudy. Air con is now repaired, 2 of our 4 beers have cleared, 2 have not (yet). I wonder if anyone can advise me on what we should do…

Vertical extraction

We have just had vertical siphoning system fitted. Could anyone tell me the best way to sterilize the lances.when sterilized how to store the lances until needed. Hope someone can help Ken    

Why is my hand pump pulling air?

  Why is my hand pump pulling air?     Possible reasons, The ale could still be highly conditioned some cask conditioned beers take a lot longer to clear down than others, it usually takes about,24, 48 hrs or even longer, but at the end of the day, it all depends on the brew. Also…