Beer Tubing.

Hi, i’m setting up a 5 Tbar on my home bar Strongbow,Kronen,Fosters,John Smith Extra Cold & Guiness. Should i use 3/16 tubing up to all of the taps. Or different sizes ? Do i need a 5 line python from my kegs all the way to the pump 5m away at the bar because it’s…

Equipment required for a van based bar?

Good morning all, I’m considering re-fitting my 1967 Citroen catering van as a mobile bar. I plan to offer various guns and cocktails, but realise that there is still a demand for ales and lagers. As I only have a finite space to work in, I need to find the most efficient  use of space.…

Mobile set up help

hi , I have bought a secondhand mobile set up for home . When I connect the keg ( fosters ) , it just pulls pints of froth . Then I find the following day the co2 is all used up .  The system has a cooler ( think it’s classed as a flash cooler…

Keg coupler seal

I run my own mobile bar and I want to replace the seals on my keg couplers as they are showing to be worn and pitted. Do you know where I can buy these from.

Extra Cold condensation effect.

Hi all. I’ve just built my very own home bar and have Tennents Lager on draft running through a Maxi 310 cooler. I would like to have the extra cold condensation effect on my Tennents font but I think my tap is not suitable for this. I have a python line just over a metre…

Vintage Stowells Wine Chiller Tap

Hi, I have a vintage (80’s) Stowells wine chiller that takes 4 boxes of wine, 3 white and one red. The taps do not fit modern wine boxes and wondered if someone could let me know where I can purchase the correct taps to fit new style boxes. thanks Graham

Post mix cooler

I’m hoping someone may help me out. I have a postmix under counter cooler in my bar and it’s continuously running, (the compressor). It kicks out a massive amount of heat. Does anyone know the amount of energy these things use an hour?

New Bar


Does all bar furniture come with the option of ‘through the bar’ types.  We are setting a new bar top and want to do away with the ‘clip ons’ hanging on the side of the bar. We know that all the beer engines come with that option and all the largers etc. But does say…

How to choose the right bottle cooler

Double Door Bottle Cooler

Choosing the correct bottle cooler for your business can be a daunting task with so many makes and models on the market. There are huge differences in so many models, but for all the recent improvements in efficiency and design, the price of a new bottle cooler still reflects the quality of product you receive.…

How to look after your Bottle Cooler

Lec Double Door Bottle Coolers

Bottle coolers, also known as a bottle fridge or back bar cooler, are great until they breakdown. A lot of calls to refrigeration companies could be prevented by carrying out some simple preventative maintenance procedures. The most common cause of breakdown is dust in the condenser blocking the air flow Just by cleaning the condenser…