Gas Problems

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Gas issues


Hi, i have my own draught  bar at home with one lager pump running of 60/40 gas. Over xmas beer dispensed without an issue however wasn’t quite as fizzy as normal. 1. Does 60/40 gas go off? I only very occasionally use the bar and gas bottle would be at least 3 to 4 years…

Maxi Mix Machines Gas

Does anyone have a maxi mix machine. Last night the air pressure dropped and also the nitrogen pressure did. I’m assuming there’s a leak somewhere but wondering what to do to get the pressure back up and start producing nitrogen again. Thanks in advance

Should I disconnect the gas?

I normally leave my gas connected all the time, I have just read on inn doctor that you should turn your gas off every night as it can be absorbed in to the product and cause fobbing. What is best leave on, turn off or turn off and disconnect the coupler? if you just turn…

The Guinness isn’t pouring correctly

The Guinness was pouring fine up until right at the end of last night, so we changed the gas this morning & we are still having the same problem as its pouring flat as a pancake. We have checked that the gas switch is turned on and the barrel is still 3/4 of the way…