Wondering what you use to clean the wine lines?


Hi, I have recently took over a bar and was wondering what you use to clean the wine lines? I know they don’t need cleaning as often as beer lines. Do you just use the line cleaning fluid that you use in the beer lines? Or is there something different? I did a course but…

We want to retain a consistent mushroom head.

We renovate our glasses regularly & use Proton Aqualate Rinse Aid Proton Ultimate Glasswash Detergent.. We clean the glasswasher daily.The problem we have when we dispense the lager (Fosters & Carlsberg & Stella) it forms a lovely mushroom head but after a short time reduces to a half moon head & subsides in the glass.…

Beer flies

That time of year again how to get rid of beer flies this is might be a better solution than the strips of fly paper. Once you get them on your arm you can’t get them off. its a good idea if you can put up with her droning on.


I am totally fed up of all the new glassware I am receiving, the glasses just get taller and taller.My glass racking system is specially designed and the lager glasses will not now fit .Much to the dismay of the reps I am now selling Carling,Kronenbourg and Coors lite in Fosters glasses. Evidently all the…