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Hi, I am going to install a bar in my shed.  I have a system used in pubs (salvaged from a closure) with regulators, 60/40 gas and two chillers that the beer passes through.  The beer taps have re-circ cooling too.  My question is about temperature changes.  I plan to only dispense standard lagers carling…

New Bar just been built

Have jst had a bar built in my garage . Have puchased the following equipment 2 product cooler 2 tap tower Mixed gas primary regulator Secondary regulator 2 keg couplers of your choice All pipes and fittings Questions I am planning on having a lager and a bitter am I ok with a 60:40 gas…

Make a 6 pump festival bar c/w chiller

Hi, I run/organise a on day beer and cider festival every year and would like to extend this to a two day Lager, beer and cider festival. My problem is, the pumping system, I can build a bar no problem at all but where do I start with pumps, chillers, connectors, tubes etc? the system…

Undercounter Kegs

Hi, I am opening small beer bar and due to size constraints would be looking at running 4 to 5 kegs from under the bar. I have been advised against doing this but unfortunately it doesn’t appear I have many alternatives (no cellar – outside area we were going to convert is too small for…

beer line size???

built a bar in my back garden and now I have to decide what size pipe to run from barrel to pump the run is about 10ft will it matter what size I use. for a start will be using lager(bud,carling) any help appreciated thanks Andy

How long will my cider keep once opened?

There is lots on this site about lager/bitter shelf life but nothing on cider or if there is I can’t find it. i realise that cider lines need to be cleaned weekly but how long will the cider itself last once it has been connected up. Im thinking of stocking Somersby or Strongbow type cider.

Bar gun water recirculating

Hi, i have a schroeder america  950R bar gun on my bar and i am having problems with the water recirculating system. Has anyone had any experience with setting these up as this would be a great help ?   Thanks Josh