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Do you have to be 18 to clean lines

Do you have to be 18 to clean lines

If your boss tampers with dates on beer kegs who do u report it to

If your boss tampers with dates on beer kegs who do u report it to

LineClenze – franchise


I am looking at taking on a franchise with LineClenze

LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning Franchise

who claim there line cleaning system using radio waves into the beer line reduce yeast build up and mean you only have to clean once per month.

Do any members out there know or have used their systems and confirm what is being preached here?

Any information appreciated.


I have been fined because of a beer leak

Hi I was tapping a keg for the first time with a colleague. He has had training I have not. Unbeknownst to us there was a slow leak that over the ensuing five days lost the brewery the whole keg. They have now fined us both £150 each with immediate effect. Can they do this? I’ve been asked to do a job I’ve never done before and with no training

How long will keg last once used

We run mobile bars so may leave a job with half a keg or more of Becks/beer still remaining (60/40 mixed gas). If this keg is tapped, then taken off the lines and stored in a chilled cellar until next needed, how long can I expect it too retain it’s taste and freshness?
Google answers vary from 7 days to 4 months.
Thank you.

How much Best Before Date should be left on Guinness keg when purchased

just purchased a keg of Guinness the best before is in three weeks time should this be longer thanks

As a rule of thumb we think the BBD should be 4 weeks for keg ales, 2 weeks for cask ales. We feel it would not be unreasonable to refuse delivery if is not.

do you advise to put beer back to kegs ?

MOST CERTAINLY NOT!  Messing about with pressurised kegs is dangerous, as well as infecting the whole container with foreign bacteria.

After an event bar Co2 or 60/40?

After just doin an outside bar using 30/70 gas on the Carling barrel, can i now use co2 gas as the barrel is still half full and thats what we normally use in our pub??????

Yes it should be OK the Co2 gas will help to hold the gas in suspension.

Is it better to put icemaking machines and soft drinks machines in a chilled cellar?

Not really, these machines generate heat so if  it is all possible they should be installed in another room.

Where do you store bottled beer?

A cool room if possible, the cooler the better. Ready to go into the fridge.

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