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If you have a question about cask or keg beers, or any general problem with beer dispense, why not post it here. Articles are allowed but no blatant advertising we will allow a link back to your site. Please try to give as much information as possible. If you have a question you have always been afraid to ask, do not worry you can do it anonymously if you wish. To add new Questions just use the form below, its not compulsory we would like you to register though, it will only take a minute and it will keep you updated by email each time someone answers your question.

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Important When using the Inn Doctor site it is important that all relevant Brewery Technical Services regulations and advice and Health and Safety regulations are adhered to. The advice we give does not ask you to interfere, adjust, or in any way tamper with beer dispense or ancillary equipment. Inn Doctor is a means of systematically checking your beer dispense equipment for faults, in accordance with recognized procedures, issued by the major Breweries. You must seek professional advice in relation to any area covered by this website in respect of which you have any doubts whatsoever.

Do not tamper with beer dispense equipment. please read our Disclaimer

Questions and Answers