Guinness Issue. Not sticking to the glass



I’m hoping you might be able to help solve a cellar based mystery. We’ve recently renovated a pub and had a brand new chiller abs lines installed. We clean the lines weekly, empty the glass washer daily and have generally high standards on cleanliness and procedures.

However, we’re having problems with our guinness and best pints. The Guinness is not sticking to the glass at all. It tastes fine, but the glass is crystal clear at the end of a pint, not a white mark to be seen. The best is likewise but in addition the head is disappearing. We’ve had the tech boys out, still happening.

We’ve tried new glasses, hand-washed glasses, same. Nozzles are correct. Lines are clean. Gas is full and on. I’ve even tried pouring straight from the wee cellar boy out flow pipe, same.

It’s affecting sales now and we’re at a loss as to what else to try.

Any ideas gratefully received!



  1. Hand washing glasses (presumably with washing up liquid) leaves a surfaceant on the glass, so would cause this.

    Is it possible someone has washed cream (coffee cups) or Baileys in the glasswasher which has left a grease film it is spreading onto everything?

    Perhaps get a rejuvenate solution, run it through the glass washer first, then a tray of glasses too (with rejuvenate) and see if this helps.

  2. Hi Pete. Thanks for the suggestion. However, we’ve been down the rejuvenate route already to no avail. Also, we don’t do food, or teas & coffees, so it’s strictly glass ware, and the Baileys hasn’t even been opened since we opened the pub 4 weeks ago. It’s just been suggested that we may be over cleaning what is a brand new chiller & lines installation.

    • Hi.
      Is your glasswash detergent and rinse aid (and salt if relevant) dosing correctly? That would be my next check.

      Also fill a glass with water, and empty and turn upside down. You should have an even film of water clinging to the glass sides. No bobbling or “dry” patches.

      Similarly wet the glass and empty. Chuck some salt in and coat all the sides of the glass. Then tip out the spare. Are there any “bald” patches? This would indicate residual grease.

      Finally what gas are you using on the Guinness? At what sort of pressure? And what is the cellar temp?
      And I presume you’ve got creamer plates in the nozzels?

  3. Thanks to all for all of your suggestions. We’ve just had a third tech visit and it appears they’d installed the wrong (free flow) nipples inside the Best and Guinness taps during the initial set up. I had no idea there was anything even inside the tap until today. We live and learn. Thanks again all.

  4. The nozzles haven’t changed, they were both correct. It was a ‘nipple’ located inside the tap lever itself. Perhaps that’s what you’re talking about, like I say, I had no idea there was anything inside the tap, I’d just assumed it was all mechanical.

  5. Hi, I write the Cask Marque Glasswashing Results Guide and work with many of the major Brewers regarding solving Head retention problems. There is a version of the guide on our website I could ramble on for quite some time about the possible causes but it would be easier if you gave me a call on 07870224100 when you are next to your Glasswasher and I should be able to resolve the problem.

  6. My Guinness taste like water and it’s not sticking to the glass
    When I pour it’s looks amazing 20mm creamy head
    But taste like water never had this problem before
    Psi never been changed
    Beer line cleaned every 2 weeks
    Beer cooler working fine

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