Advice please! Beer Line cleaning, 8 lines between 2 bars…


Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and also new to beer line cleaning, if the following is lacking in details i apologise in advance!
Ok, so i was shown how to clean beer lines last week, just after i read the very helpful article on keg beer line cleaning on this website by Paul Jones. The instructions i was given differed slightly and some of the things i was told just don’t sound right…
I have seen the post about inactive beer lines and that has helped but any other advice would be great.
I have 2 bars, both with 4 lines (taps) each. One is used every day and all four lines are used. The other is only for events as it is smaller so barely gets used, definitely NOT once a week, we can go a good couple/few weeks before needing to use it. I was told that weekly, i do not have to clean these lines, but must make sure to clean them before we use the bar. In the mean time the lines have been filled with clean water and it just stays there – i know that it has been in there for at least two weeks already and I’m due to clean the ‘normal/used-daily’ bar today. Should i do as the reply-post suggested and run some more clean water through the lines so they at least have fresh water in them??
Also, sorry for going on, the cooler we have has 4 lines going in to it, and 8 coming out (obviously) but would it have non-return valves on the lines so that the water doesn’t seep back into the active lines?
I think that’s it… I will be cleaning the lines weekly for the normal bar.
Thank you! I look forward to some replies.
May 🙂


  1. Hi May and welcome to our forum. Everybody has an opinion and this is mine and why.

    Bar one you said you clean weekly which is good, but as you flush out the line cleaner, I also believe you should also flush out the lines with fresh water to bar two. I find after a few days water starts to stagnate in the lines, you can run your own test just by tasting it if by chance you have some yeast in that line it will exacerbate the problem further.

    To me there is nothing worse than the smell and taste of stagnant water. I would every few weeks then use cleaning fluid to freshen up and clean those lines. But in your case this would be the clean before you use them.

    Normally there would be eight lines into the cooler and then eight lines to the taps, being Y’d off just after the fob detector.

    To answer your other question:

    but would it have non-return valves on the lines so that the water doesn’t seep back into the active lines?

    The answer is no , do you think the brewers are rolling in money ha! Ha!

    This would be another reason to make sure there is fresh water in those lines at all times. When you run out of gas the pressure drops in the lines so water would seep back into the active line but in the same instance beer would go into the dormant line and would also stagnate, so I would always flush through with water when cleaning, in case I’m the customer who has that pint after the gas is changed.

  2. Thanks for the reply, it has really helped. I had a look today at the cooler and there are 8 lines going in… so does mean that they are separate as such? no seepage from one into another? From now on I am going to at least, as you suggest, run fresh, clean water through the lines whenever I clean the normal/used bar, and if I know the events bar is not going to be used for a long time then I will schedule in cleaning of the lines every couple/few weeks.

    Thanks again!

    🙂 May

  3. Pretty much what Maverick said.It’s no more effort to pull a lineful of fresh water through when line cleaning while everything is coupled up.Plus the fact that it takes away any chance of line cleaning solution being left behind and tainting the beer.

  4. Thanks Tall Alex I forgot to mention that very important fact.

    Plus the fact that it takes away any chance of line cleaning solution being left behind and tainting the beer.

    Each tap should have its own line. The lines usually split to each tap just after the fob detector.

  5. Thanks again to both of you. The lines I believe do split just after the fob detectors, i never saw it properly before as it is all in trunking…


    May 🙂

  6. No worries May,if you don’t ask you don’t know.There is only one stupid question,the one you don’t ask.

    Hope all is well at your end,good luck good ale.

    All the best,Alex.

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