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I have a stanwell air compressor situated inside the cellar. An independent engineer came out to fix it and recommended it be moved outside due to beer vinegar being sucked in. Is this correct as I have never heard of this before?


  1. I haven’t heard of this before, mind you it’s a long time since I’ve installed an air compressor. Stanwell have thousands of these installed in cellars all over the country, surely if this was the case wouldn’t the air filter remove this. Does this mean we are inhaling Beer vinegar everytime we go in the cellar?

  2. Never heard anything so ridiculous as moving an electrical appliance outside. Ive worked on and installed these for 14 years and never heard such rubbish. If you want any advice regarding it feel free to message/email me

  3. Thanks guys. Well it wouldn’t be outside as such, it’s in a covered area (under a stairwell) but he said you shouldn’t have them directly in the cellar. I didn’t think this was right the brewery installed it originally and I’m sure they must now what they’re doing!! It just got me wondering as he’s sent an arsey email to my director and would rather be armed with the info before I go in all guns blazing!

    Thanks again!!

  4. Th Stanwell compressor is fitted with a condensate dump, as it is classified as a food grade compressor ocan I suggest fitting a receptacle to the condensate unit to catch the beer vinegar for use as a condiment on beer battered fish and chips. What a crock of S…t was the technician Hans Christian Anderson.?
    Doug Gorton
    Technical Director Stanwell Technic

  5. I think a lot of outlets use mixed gas on their gas pumps instead of an air compressor. If you have even just a few gas pumps then it is worthwhile fitting a Stanwell. The cost of the gas you use would pay for a compressor in no time at all. Brewers can be lazy and just keep adding gas pumps without looking at the bigger picture.

  6. Fellas, I’ve been offered a compressor by my brewer but I’m reading about the negative impact air can have on beer?

    Any advice welcome?

    • Hi Bob, If you have been offered a compressor by your brewer snap their fingers off. Air is used to drive the gas pumps and doesn’t come into contact with the beer. So as well as saving you money. It is also so better for the environment.

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