Air in lines


    Hi I am using upright extraction using the metal shaft. I’ve used Caskwidge but had the same issues. At the point where my line connects to the extraction tap I seem to get a build up of air. I use many different micro breweries so not sure if it’s a conditioning problem.

    1. many advice?


    1. If all the Joints are tight and not sucking in air when drawing off. I find by making a slighly higher point say a couple of feet from the top of the rod. If after a hour or so of it not being used and you have a large bubble at the high point then it will be a conditioning problem gas will be breaking out and heading for the high point.

      We used to say venting off for 48hrs and more on the older brews, it is a bit difficult to tell these days. There is nothing wrong with venting off in plenty of time. As long as close the vent off again till it is ready for sale, this can allow you several days. Hope this helps.

    2. Not a better idea but an addition, make sure that you have a rubber washer in between the two joints ,or you can suck in air.

        • Perhaps I should add, even though hop strainers are meant as a seal they have to be changed regularly. They are not as good as the rubber seal. Seems like you are in a trial and error situation.

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