Another mobile bar setup question!


Hi All,

Hope someone can point me in the right direction here.

So, have been doing a few local mobile bar gigs recently, and so far have stuck to bottle bars which work pretty well.

Now it’s time to take it a bit further and sort myself out a reliable draught keg system.

Although I have been in and out of the pub trade for over 20 years, I’m in no way an expert on the dispense side of things, but have picked a few things up from various tech guys.

What I’m looking for is a setup which will hapilly handle a keg an hour, ready to serve within an hour, and most importantly not have fobbing issues.

Have used random flash coolers over the years with varying results, and have a maxi 210 laying about doing nothing.

Been looking at the Lindr coolers, in particular this one

Am I going down the right route with that and a python? Have hired the Heineken David units before which use much the same spec Lindr cooler and they are amazing bits of kit.

There is also pipe diameter, line lengths etc which make a difference (I think).

I’m still tweaking the design of my bar itself, so flash coolers or remotes don’t really matter at this stage. Just needs to be something I know that when I set it up and plug it in, it’s going to work flawlessly and not make me look like a d**k !

Any advice welcome 🙂



  1. Hello Danthevan

    I am not able to help you with dispensing beer on tap but if you want any advise about wine on tap then I am able to assist you with any enquires / problems you may have from that point of view.

    Beer systems are similar but a little more complex than wine on tap but if you need anything feel free to reach out to me

    all the best


  2. Hi Dan,
    Did you end up getting the CWP-100? I’m looking at them myself and am trying to find a few things out!
    1. How well it copes cooling beer from room temp kegs
    2. How loud it is
    3. How quickly it’s ready to start serving.

  3. Hi Joe,
    I picked up a couple of eco mini remote coolers pretty cheap and they’re good bits of kit.
    Have water recirc so the top pump makes them quite noisy.
    I reckon they would take about 90 mins to get down to temp, so for any events where they’re time critical I pre freeze the ice bank overnight before delivery.

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