Do line cleaning systems that use “Ultra soundwaves” work?


At the moment I clean my lines weekly. Someone has mentioned to me a system that uses “ultra soundwaves” to keep your lines clean and reduce the need to manually clean to just once a month. Does it work?


Perhaps the companies who sell these systems would like to come on to the forum and answer these questions.


  1. I do one of these systems called Beersaver. They do work as long as they are cleaned properley every 4 weeks and the conditions are right (cold cellar). I have started cleaning the lines at the accounts now just to make sure that they are being done correctly and not left too long, since doing it that way every account I clean has worked without a problem.

    Most of the suppliers of these systems usually offer a trial for a month or so. I only know about Beersaver but there are a few of them out there.

  2. These systems do work perfectly as per the previous comment. Three things are required…Beer pouring regularly. Cold cellar. Line clean carried out thoroughly. Points one and two are easily covered by as simple question to the publican. Point three regards the line clean is the issue. We have strict instructions regards this, and ask that the account follow these very closely, slowly extend the line clean to a three week one over a period of the first three months. In this fashion, they are not actually taking any “risks” with the beers. If, after installation all is good after two normal weekly cycles, then we ask they extend these to two fortnightly ones. Once again, if all is ok at that point, we ask they extend to a three week cycle, keeping close note of the beers. (Head and brightness of course) If after the first three week cycle, the lines are cleaned back to the way they were at the beginning of the cycle, there is no reason why they should not achieve the same again…Same beers…same lines….same flow rates….same python, cellar, customers tec…The only variable is the line clean itself. if this is carried out according to our instructions then these systems are simply a “No Brainer”, and will one day be an industry standard……
    Steve Comerford
    BeerTech UK Limited

    • Hi Steve arent the Heineken smart dispense or the carlsberg quality dispense system far superior as they chill the whole system from keg to pump?

      • HI Dylan completely different system for Smart Dispense, there system is based on cooling rather than electrical pulsing or sound waves etc. The Smart Dispense system basically keeps the beer cold from coupling to tap. This reduces the growth of yeast and allows the technician to clean every 4 weeks. However there is a BIG but here, Heineken insist that the couplers, E Fob, and Taps are taken apart during the clean and manually sanitised and we fully support this too. Although the inner line might be in a cool area the taps and tap seals do get yeasty and require cleaning every 4 weeks. This doesn’t happen in other extended line cleaning processes. AVANI works with all the UK brewers to sort out there hygiene issues and we see this a HUGE amount. Bars at 20+ºC no lagging under the bar. Lots of fobbing at the start and then settles down are all signs. If you are hot on your yields like the big boys tap cleaning is a critical part of the extended line cleaning process. And then we come onto which line cleaner for extended period line cleaning and thats a post of its own……… (although happy to comment) Michael

  3. I clean my beer lines once a week . Just before I close I connect water to my cleaning system and pull it through. I sell the beer I pull off at half price to my regulars. Simple no waste just a bit of thought

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