Cask Ales – how much beer should be pulled off?


TCP taintCask Ales -At the start of the day ,how much beer should be pulled off?









  1. You should work on the theory that you shouldn’t have to pull any beer off at all. But as you are talking about cask ale, this is one of the reasons lines should be kept scrupulously clean. if you have yeast in the line this will infect the good ale that has been in the line overnight. 

    Lines should be cleaned weekly, particular care should be taken with the change over to a new container flushing the lines with plenty of water to get rid of any debris, otherwise you can infect the new beer and produce wild yeast.

    Also if your beer engine cylinder isn’t chilled this doesn’t help as the first 1/2 to 3/4 would be at bar room temp so might not taste as good as it should if your lines aren’t clean, this is usually the reason why people draw off a pint of cask ale in the morning.


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