Auto Tilts


Auto tilts, or automatic cask tilting stillages, have been around for some years. Designed as a more efficient replacement for traditional forms of stillaging cask beers, the auto tilt has been a tremendous success, bringing new technology to traditional cask beer husbandry.

Traditionally pubs always had built in stillaging in their cellars, either brick or stone built or moveable wooden and cast iron items. During the sixties and seventies many of these old stillages where removed. Seen as obsolete, together with beautiful old beer engines they where taken out to make way for new keg beer systems. Latterly with the tremendous resurgence in cask beer sales the need for stillaging has reemerged, with many pubs and bars once again putting traditional beer back on the bar.

An easy and affective means of stillaging cask beers, auto tilts are an easy and cost affective way of providing instant potable stillaging at a cost affective price. Due to the very smooth tilting action and uniform angle of tilt, ullage can be greatly reduced and cask yield increased. Another plus in favour of using auto tilts is the ability to use these in tiers on special stacking shelves. Where space is at a premium or you are selling a lot of cask beer this facility can come in very handy.

So all in all whether you are having cask beer installed for the first time in your small bar or planning on keeping more cask products in your existing cellar, then you should consider auto tilts as a way forward.

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