Barflies and flying insects


BarFliesMy busy city centre pub is impossible to deal with when it comes to barflies. We clean thoroughly at close and again in the morning but can’t get to grips with them.

It’s embarrassing and disgusting having flies swarming around the pub.

Much of the bar is Victorian but that’s all part of the charm and we’re not suffering for it as we’re really happy with what we’re turning over but the place is just so fly friendly.

Any important tips about getting on top of barflies?


  1. This is a good one, haven’t found a way yet. I find it helps in the cellar to move the containers and allow line cleaner onto the floor through the cellarbuoys and scrub the floor to remove the spillages when cleaning the lines. In the bar the only way would be to have those sticky fly paper rolls they would get rid of them, but not sure your customers would like them especially when they stick to their heads, they stick to anything. Someone must have a solution.

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