Does turning the bottle cooler off at night save money?


I Have been told by “The Committee” who run my local “Working Mens Club” to turn off bottle coolers at night to save money,

Am I right in thinking this is a false economy, as it takes more electricity to gain the correct temperature the next day, and also has a detrimental effect on the stock inside.

Regards, Mark Byrom.


  1. Not recommended to switch under counter coolers off. They will only run when product is being dispensed and when periodically they top up the icebank inside. Best advice leave switched on during normal conditions

  2. The problem you may have is the ice melting and won’t refreeze quickly enough the flash cool your products. Whoever is asking you doesn’t understand how these work. There are no more costly than a fridge to run and balance that against non chilled products. Leave them on permanently It’s a no brainer.

  3. Mark !
    Im afraid you may have been misled.
    Your bottle coolers are prob using 4kw/24h Turn em off 1/2 a day and save approx £120py per cooler. They dont work like a domestic fridge. Turn them on in advance of opening and they are quite fast at cooling.

    All those learned above saying dont turn off to save energy….. hey youve left your heating on at home,the cats nice and warm but you are £500py poorer,,,,, no brainers

    Bozz whats an “iceBank?” didnt the ice bank go bust !!!
    Homebrew Its a fridge ie no ice!! whatsall that flashing about !!!?

    • Oh, forgot… Adam, the picture is an Autonumis bottle cooler. I know you old guys don’t see so well 🙂 I still say cleaning the condenser and airway will save loads more energy than this on/off rubbish. And yes they do work like a domestic fridge, with a tighter differential control, a fan on the evaporator, and if sliding doors, poor seal to ambient. Still usually a plate evaporator unless Autonumis where its an aluminium coil with glued/ pressed copper stubs. I think there’s a condenser cleaning guide on inndoctor somewhere.

  4. Usually made in China, so yes, terrible insulation. Don’t turn them off! I’ve tested this in the workshop. There’s virtually no difference in energy cost, as the system works longer achieving temperature, and the product temperature fluctuates more than the set differential of 2-3C . Just make sure you clean the condensers as per the manufacturer’s manual. Yeah, it did come with one! If not found, clean at least every six months. This will save you more electric than piddling about turning it on and off.


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