Beer Cellar Refrigeration


Beer cellar refrigeration is an important part of your beer dispensing system. In an ideal world all beer cellars would have cellar cooling, providing as it does a consistent controlled environment for all your beers.

For new businesses the initial installation costs of cellar refrigeration can be quite expensive. This in recent financially strapped times has seen some pubs and bars not bothering to have it installed. Long term this does not make economic sense as the benefits of cellar cooling are worth having for any businesses. An average cellar cooler installation may cost you between £2000 and £3000 pounds depending on the type and size of cellar you have. Long term this could be money well spent.

If you are lucky enough to have existing cellar cooling then you will already be aware of the benefits. Product consistency being the primary one. Most brewers recommend you have cooling whether it be for keg or cask beers. I would suggest that to guarantee quality cask beers you must have cellar cooling. Some pubs I know have no cooling but are blessed with deep stone or brick cellars and have a constant 52-53 Fahrenheit temperature through out the year, sadly most uncooled cellars are a lot warmer than that. An important but overlooked piece of kit in your cellar is a thermometer, without it how do you know how cold your cellar is. You should as a matter of course check your cellar temperature every day. If you haven’t got a thermometer then you need to get one.

With Spring now upon us this is a good time to have your existing cellar cooling checked over, avoiding possible breakdowns in Summer when you most need it. The cost of a service call could save you a lot of money. Check out our list of local refrigeration contractors for an engineer near you.


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