TCP taintI have a problem wit one of my beer engines. In the middle of dispensing from a Firkin Cask the beer engine has stopped bringing the beer up to the tap but is producing just air. I have checked the hop filter (cleaned regularly once a week when the lines are cleaned) and that is clear. I have put the spear into clean water but it still will not draw any water so a vacuum in the cask is not the problem. There is no suck back when the handle is pushed into the upright position. Can anyone help please??


  1. You could check the Pump module inside the Bar Mounted Machine. They are made from a Plastic material. I had one where the top plate had fractured. There are also valve seals inside the unit which can give up the ghost after some time. Of course it may not be anything like my suggestions. Good luck

  2. Hi, Check the pipe work at the back of the beer engine. There is usually a white back check valve here. These can develop cracks or just fail. Depending how hands on you are you could remove the engine, submerge the bottom inlet in a bucket of water and pull the handle. If water is pulled through and the engine is stroking ok then you can safely say it is not faulty and the problem lies else where.
    If you are just pulling air I think you need to start at the cellar and work your way to the bar. Check all connections. Get someone to pull the engine and see what happens in the cellar, looking for air bubbles.

  3. Probably the best place to start is to ask what type of beer engine you have it, it might not be a proper beer engine. Is it one of the mason hydraulic pumps that Coors are installing (are your young barmaids tattooing anchors on there biceps ha ha. ) everywhere. Do you have a gas pump driving it, in the cellar? If it is a proper engine and it stops working half way through a barrel it is usually down to the check valve or cylinder but you will have to give some more details.

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