Beer Equipment Suppliers



Does anyone know of any suppliers of equipment (preferably used or recon) in the uk ideally whre you can look round a warehouse/outlet fot things such as T bars and coolers etc?



  1. Haven’t heard of anything like that only the ones like A1 bars stuff etc. Ebay is probably the nearest to something like that there are quite a few shops selling beer equipment.

  2. 3 wrote: All of it STOLEN from the brewers!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe some private sales but surely not the shops on Ebay? Which was the original question.

  3. 99% of beer dispense equipment has been purchased by the Brewers who do not sell it on. Therefore all used and recon equipment on E-bay will be stolen. Its a fact , people will show you a reciept but brewers do not sell this stuff, they either use it or scrap it.

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