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I wander if anyone can give me some advice. I have recently bought some beer coolers and various related equipment with the intention of starting a mobile bar service. I am unsure, however, as to what type of gas I should be using. I would be selling lager and bitter only from the keg, and would therefore like to just purchase one type of gas to use on both barrels if possible. Also, I have purchased a board which has a couple of fobs, associated lines and connectors for two barrels as well as a connector for a cleaning bottle. There seems to be a primary and secoundary gas regulator on the board which fits onto a mixed gas bottle. However, When I connected to a lager keg using a 60/40 gas, the lager came out extremely frothy. Can the phillips head screw on the secoundary regulator be turned to alter the pressure ( the regulator also started to get very cold and start freezing on the outside), or could I swap this for a CO2 regulator? Any advice would be gratefully received, thank you.


  1. Due to the dangerous nature of messing about with gas pressure it would be better to get a trained Technician to have a look at the gear you have, it is generally accepted now the best gas to use for outside bars is 30/70 gas even for lager.

    Depending how many taps you have I would make things as simple as possible and just have a primary and secondary valve and do away with the fobs there is no benefit for small runs. If you look back on the site and get a dispense company check out what you have and set the pressures and train you how to use it. Shouldn’t take long to check so wouldn’t cost you a lot. If the regulator is freezing on the outside then you should get it checked cause it sounds like you have a bad gas leak.

  2. G’day Daniel old chum,welcome to the home of the answers that you require.
    Lager generally requires CO2 for its gas.
    Smoothflow Bitter of most varieties require Mixed Gas ‘cos that’s wot makes ’em work innit.
    Non smooth ales just puddle along on the "I Taste Good So I Don’t Need The Fancy S*it" idea quite happily.Generally CO2 will suffice.
    Fob Detectors are good,saves wastage and pissing about when you’re busy.
    Don’t be silly with Gas Regulators,if you foul it up I’m sorry but I’m not going to make it to your wake.
    Line Cleaning is also a good thing(if I’m preaching to the converted please say so).Should you be unfamiliar with this idea there is a superlative thread/guide elsewhere within this site.
    Good luck with your endeavour,good ale,happy customers.

  3. Thank you Nicoteenrush and Tall Alex, I appreciate your comments, although you can now see where my confusion stems, one of you advocates CO2 whilst the other says Mixed! And one of you recommends using the fobs, whilst the other says waste of time! I am therefore assuming there is no right or wrong answer here? I heed what you both say regarding regulators, I think I am heathilly paranoid about misuse, hence joining this forum! I will happilly buy the correct regulators, just wanted to know where to spend my money, i.e. on CO2 or mixed regulators. But again, thank you both for your replies, I think I can take something valuable from both of them.

  4. After spending years messing about with Co2 on outside bars. Mixed gas arrived on the scene as a welcome relief by all means use Co2 but the fobbing and wastage it causes on a warm day is more hassle than it is worth (don’t forget there is no cellar cooling) with the price of beer these days you don’t want to waste any. I do a lot of bars through the summer and believe me 30/70 mixed gas is the best way to go. But I would still advocate getting a local dispense engineer to check out your equipment and gas pressures and advise you, it will save you a lot of time and hassle and save you money in the end.

  5. Good call Nicoteenrush.
    Daniel old chum,if I’m doing the "Granny take yer teeth out here’s an egg" thing I do apologise.A Fob Detector,if it closes properly,stops the line filling up with gas when the tin empties.It stops the tap going
    PTOOEY at you when you put the new tin on and splattering all assembled company with beer while you’re at it.The line stays wet and it makes the whole shabang more controllable.If the Fob Detector doesn’t
    close properly then the tap will go PTOOEY at you etc etc…
    The gas being less dense than liquid thing is the reason that Fob Detectors should be used uprightly
    secured.If in doubt about this principle a good fart while you are laid in the bath should make things a tad
    I wish you every success Sir.


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