beer head problem


can anyone help with this problem please our cask ale is pouring ok and with a good head on it but almost always the head falls flat after a couple of sips and breaks up into spore like rings


  1. Bubbles break out from an impurity so the bubbles in a Bitter are formed in the middle of the liquid due to the imperfections of finings used to clear the beer. Basically there are two types of flat beer. Firstly, fats left on the glass from Crisps, Peanuts and possibly milk will kill the head. In this case instead of the head rising up the glass it will fall away as the bubbles burst. This will be the case if someone has been eating crisps or peanuts. The second type is where the pint is poured and ten minutes later the customer returns saying that his beer has gone flat. This will be due to the bubbles not forming. Please call Derek Maher 07870224100 and i will almost certainly be able to resolve the issue over the phone.

    • Can you tell me I clean my pots in the sink tryed all sorts still going flat soon as it’s in the pot

      • Never wash beer glasses in the same dish/glass washer as household items, the fat from anything dairy will effect the beer in a glass,
        You need a tub of renovate. Glass cleaner, available from a brewery or a shop that sells home brewing equipment, OR should be, or ask your landlord from your local pub,
        You can get flat beer. If it’s too cold, old beer, or lines not clean.

    • Or, just look through the pages of Inndoctor were all these issues have already been covered in great depth. Type in flat beer and it’s all there.

  2. Quite right Douglas, however a tub of renovate is a chlorinated powder which will leave a residual film on the glass. Liquid renovate is more suitable as it can be connected in place of the current Caustic detergent. Whilst Caustic detergent is aggressive on the glass Chlorine is not and will therefore reduce the speed in which etching damage occurs. Also as liquid renovate is an excellent disinfectant the Wash and Rinse temperatures can be reduced to 55c and 65c respectively. This in turn will save energy and enable a faster turn around of the glassware. Renovate can be used continuously and Fullers use it in all of their Managed Houses as it is very effective in sites with high volumes of Cask Ales and Red wines (high protein).
    Animal fats will kill the head which is why if a customer has been eating Crisps or Peanuts it will kill the head. Renovate will effectively remove the problem.

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