Beer line cleaning fluid?


I have been reading some of the extensive posts on the site regarding the pros and cons of different beer line cleaning fluids and am still a bit unsure about which is the best. factors for me are cost and effectiveness. I have used some of the cheaper brands from the cash and carry and have found through experience that these are cheap but not so effective. I know use Proton’s Prosan Plus and find this to be a good product, if a tad expensive. Just wondering if any of you other folk could recommend another product. I clean my beer lines once every 2 weeks and have no problems.Any thoughts?


  1. Any thoughts?


    Pull up a lamp and swing a sandbag.

    Prosan is the usual stuff I use at my end.As supplied by Punch a 1 gallon tub is around the seven quid mark.If you are using a mixture rate of 1/2 a pint of goop to 2gallons of water (this is the recommended concentration from Pipeline,after I got through the 1 part to 271/32nd calculation.I’m shit at maths) a gallon of goop will cover a fair thrutch.

    The expensive bit about line cleaning is the wasteage.If you have a kitchen send the lost beer over there.The chefs will either drink it or make the weeks supply of steak and ale pies out of it.Either ay it’s gonna work.

    We used to do a fortnightly line clean at our end.I fail to remember the quantities of keg stuff that went through (real ale jockey back then,had to stop.It no longer feels like I’ve been using a hedgehog as a bicycle saddle) but deposition in the line is related to the quantity going through.

    My way around that was to double the goop quantity per pop.

    Since then we have taken delivery of a new gaffer.We now deal with this weekly using the safer concentration.


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