Beer line cleaning waste




I am trying to work out how much waste i have when cleaning the lines. I am a small outlet with 4 products.

Any help would be great.


  1. Simple. When you have cleaned the lines count how many pints of water you pull through till the beer arrives then add 1/2 or 3/4 pint to get rid of any water residue. Lager lines will be longer than bitter lines, usually.

  2. It’s easier the way I suggested it is difficult to measure when you pull the line cleaner through to begin with, you don’t know when the beer ends or the cleaner starts.

  3. Set the lines to blow before cleaning. This will minimise waste as the line that blows fully will only have at most a quarter of a pint wastage.

  4. But there is still a lot of waste at the beginning before line cleaner comes through?

    Still confused about how I record this wastage, sorry?

  5. Hi Luke123. What Bill is saying is quite right. He is suggesting you disconnect the beer, & connect to water. Clean your lines as usual & flush with water after. Now reconnect your kegs.

    AFTER reconnecting your kegs, go back to the bar & measure how may pints of clear water come through the tap, before the beer starts flowing. This will tell you how long your beer line is in pints. This is how much beer you waste per line, when cleaning.

    Your overall waste figure will be the
    (amount of beer per line) x (amount of fonts on bar)= overall waste.

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