beer line renewal


hi lads and ladets have a client who wants to know how long beer lines should last, his clubs lines have been in for 17 years


  1. There is no straight answer to this: Beer lines will last for years and years if looked after, I have seen pythons that are 30 years old and still performing well. On the other hand I have seen pythons that are shot to pieces after 5 years. Normally pythons are replaced because the insulation around them is no longer working correctly. Under the bar they may have had so many modifications that the pipes are cut and the insulation is damaged that the best method is to replace with new. Brewers are reluctant to change working pythons as it doesn’t sell any more beer and is a significant added cost.

    If a python is sweating and the insulation is damaged significantly then generally it will get replace if it is older than 10 years but these are always treated on a case by case basis.

    hope this helps

  2. thanks for the info i have passed it to the golf club ,checked under the counters and its like joint city,its amazing what a bit of insulating tape and a DIY,ER can achieve.the fonts have been moved all about over the years according to the steward.who has never been happy about the lines

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