Beer Line Rescue


Here at Inndoctor we are fed up listening to the same old doom and gloom. If we hear another reference to “50 pubs a week closing”we will lock ourselves in our virtual cellar and get virtually plastered. Anyway the thought arises that despite the “50 pubs…………” thing, we believe that as the economy recovers some, not all closed pubs, will be seen as a viable business again.

With pub chains, chains being a very appropriate word for these companies, dumping pubs, and more freehold premises coming on the market, now might be a time to grab a bargain. As Inndoctor concerns itself with the practical beer dispense side of things, we wondered about the problems of reopening a pub that has been closed for some time.

A major priority would have to be reinstating the neglected beer dispense system. Gone are the days we suspect of just picking the phone up and ringing the brewery and demanding new beer lines and taps.

Like everyone else, even the mighty brewers are watching their pennies. The answer might be a polite go away. So what are you to do? Well most brewers offer a one off special clean , to restore beer lines, which we believe to be very expensive. The cost we feel is pitched to discourage people from neglecting their beer lines in the first place.

You are planning on opening quickly, money is tight, the paint is still drying in the gents toilet and the new carpets have been fitted, but your beer quality is poor. What can I do? Well shop around on the Internet is the answer. We have discovered one or two companies that will do a full Beer Line Rescue service for a great deal less than the brewers. The brewers can sometimes charge up to £25 per beer line, a lot of money if you have a large pub. Our research shows that small independent companies will do this Beer Line Rescue service for a great deal less, saving you lots of cash when you need it most. Typically they will charge you between £10 and £15 pounds per line.

Beer quality is paramount whether you are opening or reopening a pub. It is false economy to neglect cleaning your beer lines. Get your beer quality right and you are starting on the right footing. Anyway the beer lines are clean in our virtual cellar……we hope. We just might have to do a virtual beer line rescue.

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