beer line size???


built a bar in my back garden and now I have to decide what size pipe to run from barrel to pump

the run is about 10ft will it matter what size I use. for a start will be using lager(bud,carling)

any help appreciated




  1. Use a Poly pipe, reinforces and lay it in an easy way for replacement I would suggest put a palstic pipe as a duct so the poly can be easily taken out and a new pipe put in. You will find the bar fittings and keg fittings have standard size fittings
    Do your homework and all will be well (Thats what you are doing in posting here)
    Good luck

  2. so i take it you will be cooling these lines as without cooling you may as well not bother as all your get is foam

    • Yes I have a cooler everything set up just need rise size which 3/8 seems to be favourite.have waited till now as better weather more likely to drink the lager and not waste it sat their for weeks on end

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