Beer line stuck inside font.


Have a line which is blocked at some point, thought id take the tap handle and spout off of the font & check to see if the blockage was near to the tap. Must have pulled a bit too hard as the line disconnected with the spout/tap part and has retreated back into the font. I’ve tried with pliers & tweezers to pull the line out but to no avail. Has anyone had this issue? Does anyone know an easy way to get the line far enough out of the font to reconnect to the tap? Or am I the only one stupid enough to end up in this position?


  1. What font is it? Most have a removable panel or you can get in via the lighted section.
    And have you tried pushing the line up from the bottom?
    All that said, some fonts have elbows inside but they usually have access panels

    • Straight, cylindrical standalone font. Just had a go getting in behind the badge/font but the hole is only big enough for the electrical wire to fit through. Tried pushing from the bottom but line is wrapped in that protective black stuff so pushing it further within the font without it just coming straight back out again is pretty difficult.

      • Try loosening the clamp on to the bar and pulling back from the bar a little. Then try what you have tried before. When it is clamped it crushes the pipe against the bar making it hard to move.

  2. The foam filled ones usually have an elbow at the top. Have a peer in with a torch. You might be able to push the ring to release the tube on the elbow fitting

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