beer loss after line clean


Recently took over a function bar with no previous experience. Previous manager pulled through roughly 8-12 pints as a loss after she line cleaned due to beer being flat. Is that supposed to happen? Are you supposed to let gas into a keg for a certain amount of time before serving to ensure a bubbly beer?! thanks.


  1. Pulling through lines is easier if you know how long the lines are in pints, from start of clean measure the beer in the lines with a pint jug until it flows with water so when the pull through is done and you see water coming through after the beer flow, then you will have a rough Idea of how long the lines are , mine were 4 pint lines so I always Pulled 4 pints through before serve, 12 does sound a bit much, make sure you clean the Couplings and the sparklers at a line clean as well , and dont forget to put some little signs up that the Line cleans in progress . As for flat beer, maybe the gas bottles low or turned off at the secondary valves, or the barell maybe faulty or connectors faulty dirty seals etc etc or it could be dirty glasses,dirty glasswasher ,hot wet glasses etc etc. Elimination process needed for the process of deduction, get to know your lines and your cellar 😀

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