Beer or wine???


Can’t decide …Friday night needing a recharge but can’t decide. Beer or wine, wine or beer??? Beer is so sweet but wine is so suffisticated and mature… OMG decisions.


  1. Forgive me fellow beer drinkers. A momentary lapse of judgement. What was I thinking….sweet life giving beer it has to be. This is what happens when you turn 60…How could I not choose my dear friend beer. Forgive me oh golden nectar.

  2. Sorry chaps for even mentioning the word wxxx. The thing is I was sixty the other day and I have had these strange feelings. I seem to be drawn to elasticated trousers, beige sweaters, jaunty pensioner caps, and Enmerdale. I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.

  3. Can’t you just buy yourself a Harley? Or my Dad bought himself a suit of armour and runs round the house chasing my younger brothers with a sword ;D

  4. So funny Nowey….What a mental picture. Truth is I just bought myself a Jaguar XKR. Not so much a mid life crisis but more a late set on, type 2, bollucks I’m gonna die soon blow out. And it goes from nought to sixty in 5 seconds.

  5. Beer is better for you than wine,I have homemade beer all the time. For one thing it is cheaper, and it tastes better.

  6. Hey Emory, Did you say you have homemade beer all the time. I think home brew is pretty neat stuff. So in purely in the interest of market research I don’t suppose there are any free samples going. Oh by the way don’t mention free beer when Tall Alex is about. He is known to stalk people for less.

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