Beer taste problem


    A couple of months ago I had a third hand pull installed on the bar to have some guest ales on. All of the pipework was already in place, the only new section was between the cask and the gas pump.

    It was cleaned thoroughly before using it, and when connected to a cask, it’s coming through fine and tastes fine. However, when left overnight, the beer gets a chemical like taste to it. I assumed as it was because it was a beer which I’d not worked with before, but I’ve since tried other brands on there and the same happens. As long as it’s constantly flowing it’s ok, and the taste of the beer isn’t impacted.


    Again, I’ve cleaned it out thoroughly, both before, after and in between casks. When I flushed some water through the line and left that overnight, the same smell/taste came through that.


    Any ideas what might be causing it, and what (if anything) I can try to do to solve it?


    1. My expertise rests in Glasswashing so i’m no expert on Beer dispense. However you might look to ensure that the new lines that have been installed are actually food quality as anything else will have exactly the result that you are explaining.

    2. Hi,You don’t mention wether the existing line you used was new or maybe one that had been used before. Engineers will sometimes swap out a line that has been causing problems and it is left in the python until someone else comes along and reuses it.
      The taste you refer to can often be caused by leaving cleaning fluid for too long in the line, this causes the inner lining of the beer line to be damaged allowing a plasticised taste migrate from the outer tubing. Also if water has been left in a beer line for too long, I’m taliking months here, this can leave a antiseptic taste on any product that passes through.
      Simple answer, use another line if available, if not contact Tech Services, they have special pipe cleaning chemicals that mat remove this taste. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks Boz – I’ve only recently taken over the pub, and suspect there’s been something left in the lines for some time… Thanks for the advice.

    3. I agree with Boz here, once the antiseptic taste has taken hold it is very difficult if at all possible to get rid of. The easiest way would be to use a new line. However Proton have a product called ‘Guardian’ which might help. Just a thought if you pull off a 1/2 pint after it’s been standing a while. The first half pint will be stored in the beer engine. Which should be OK for you to determine if it’s the line or the handpull.

      • Thanks Hoppy – it’s more than just the pint which seems to suggest the line. I’ll try the Proton product and see where i get with that.

        • You can quickly check if you have a spare line where the python joins to the cooler from the bar they usually have spare lines taped off there. Then call tech services or your cask ale supplier. Guardian is good to add to lines that are standing in water for long periods, I have heard it can work for this problem but I have never been that successful with it.


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