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remote-cooler2Is there a cooler that is regarded as, say, the Rolls Royce of coolers, as I need to obtain an outside one that is either whisper quiet if not silent. Also it must be ultra reliable owing to the height that it has to be mounted.

Thank You.





  1. Hi Ron

    You haven’t said what size cooler you are after, undercounter, mini remote, remote, or is it a bottle cooler. I’ve never heard of a dedicated outside bar cooler, most coolers around are mean’t to be used in pub cellars except undercounters of course, they all are reasonably quiet when new, but the recirc is always running with the fan motor cutting in and out as required.

    The problem with using these coolers for outside bars is that they get banged about loading and unloading and not being used over the winter months the recirc and fan motors soon start to corrode and become noisier. Most of the big companies tend to use the remotes once or twice and then use them in a pub somewhere. Depending on what you want, it may be better for you to go with one of the older coolers as they have less to go wrong. But that would be my preference if you have plenty of spares like ice bank controls etc for the newer ones you should be OK. It all depends on how well they are looked after I guess.

  2. Maybe you mean a cellar cooler Ron? If so, JE Hall is the quietest one, but not “Rolls Royce”. Hubbard Premium with factory fitted acoustic lining fits that bill, but very expensive…


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