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    Hi I have a temporary bar setup  for parties in halls for the one night the set-up is all behind the bar I know there’s a problem with keg temperature that I am also trying to sorting out I just need to know which is the best gas to use on Keg lagers on a temporary Bar. it is just a standard maxi 210 cooler that runs at 48F  thank you. Mark


    1. 60/40 personal choice for such events. Pressure around 35psi product dependent.
      However you’re seriously going to struggle with that cooler if it’s any more than a tiny volume with room temp kegs.
      For wedding bars with 100 to 150 type numbers we usually take one V21 for lower numbers and a v34 for the higher end.
      If the weather’s hot you can destroy the ice bank in the v21 fairly easily.
      A v21 is off the top of my head a 5x larger compressor than a maxi210

      • Hi Peter thanks for your advice. I also have a maxi 310 but by the sounds of it I need to get something bigger for larger functions. thanks mark

        • V21 and maxi 310 coolers are great if the beer is stored in a normal chilled cellar 11/13 degrees centigrade. But they do take a long time to make ice, if it is a really hot day and the beer is warm to start with, the ice can quickly get stripped away. And once the ice has gone these coolers can take a long time to recover. I really find the maxi 210, recovers quickly and with a lager and a bitter with 30/70 gas will take a lot of beating. All the coolers we use are supposed to be used in conjunction with a 11/13 cooled cellar.

    2. 30/70 for Smiths and suchlike plus sparkler nozzle of course. While we’ve done it on 60 40 at a push it’s poor imo. So sadly we’ve a mobile cellar board with one bottle at each end.
      The maxi 310 compressor is the same size as the 210 if I recall correctly so while using both together will help you really need a bigger compressor. And ice bank. Which of course is a lot bulkier, heavier and needs a load more water than the shelf coolers too


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