Review the BierPro – Automatic line cleaning system


This is quick description that we have copied from a comment on here by one of their marketing guys.

1: It is an automatic beer line cleaner that simply replicates an industry standard 7-day line clean.

2: It uses the correct detergent strength as stated by on the bottle from your chosen manufacturer. It uses the right dose and for the right amount of time. We don’t use extra pressure to speed up timings, because that is proven to damage lines more quickly, leading to expensive replacement of lines.

Our system looks after your beer lines because we mix the detergent with the current ratio of water before it enters your lines.
You can clean up to 10 lines at once, freeing up time for you to do other jobs
You are not tied to any brewery, you are still free to use any products
We don’t replace any ringmain equipment, as our machine is independent from your dispense system
Finally, from only £35 per week, the machine will because yours at the end of the lease. This includes service and maintenance inclusive for the lease period, so no surprise call out charges.

If you are using the BierPro – Automatic line cleaning system system. Help others make an informed decision as to whether it is suitable for them in the comments section below, by adding the Pros and Cons of your system. E.G. Is it cost effective? Is it reliable? Is it easy to look after?

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