Branded Beer Fridges


Autonumis-ECO-CHILL-Double-Door-Bottle-Cooler2Can anyone give me some advice on where to buy a discounted branded beer fridge? We are looking to replace our double-doored non-branded beer fridge with a new one. We were hoping that we could buy a branded one cheaper, then a non-branded one.


  1. Hi Robert

    Welcome to our forum, not sure if you can buy a branded fridge. When I used to work for one of the big brewers a few years ago now they used to hand them out now and again as freebies to some of the free-trade accounts usually high volume ones. Though you would end up paying for it one way or another few quid extra on this and that they would get their investment back somewhere. It’s like everything else if you are free trade and want to remain so you have to wheel and deal with the reps, but you will end up paying for it somewhere along the line.

    I think these are a pretty good price.

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