Bright idea!


venting vertical stilageReal cask beer that drops bright immediately without all the fuss. Many breweries now produce this kind of cask ale. Beers are always ready to put on sale if needed, even immediately following delivery if required and if the container is disturbed once on sale, it can remain on sale. Ideal for busy accounts with limited space and it allows a reduced stock holding requirement – less capital tied up.

It costs a wee bit more but the advantages are worth it.

Marstons is just one brewery that sells this product there are lots more near you, so why not give it a go.







  1. Bright beer should only be used for outside bars it is usually filtered beer. They don’t have the full mature taste because they don’t really go through the secondary fermentation. This is what I find I haven’t really tried the Marstons brews yet, the bouquet usually puts me off.


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