CAMRA has heard “the call of the Mild”


Well it is nice to know someone is reading these pages. CAMRA has launched its’ Mild in May campaign to help promote cask mild beer. We heartily endorse this campaign as we have highlighted the demise of mild ourselves. Remember this article, Mild an old man’s drink?

Mansfield Dark Keg Mild
Mansfield Dark Keg Mild

I personally think mild is a great session drink and I have the scars to prove it. Bearing this in mind I hope our artisan brewers don’t make any new brews too strong. That is the whole point of mild as a drink, mild in flavour and in strength. I remember years ago when I was a brewery technician fitting a Draught Guinness diffuser to a Tetleys Mild tap just as an experiment and watching it serve just like Guinness. Working for a brewer was a pretty good job back then. Anyway as far as I’m concerned keg or cask I hope mild doesn’t disappear off our bars.

Come on people lets get behind CAMRA and have a pint of good old mild, it’ll do yer a power of good!

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