Carling lager


yieldOn a 22 gallon of Carling what yeild should I be getting. I have heard it should be plus 15% on a keg. I use free flow taps and brim glasses. I think I may only be getting 5%. Any thoughts?


  1. If you ignore line cleaning losses then a good yeildis 105 to 110%. Any more than this and you really are short changing customers.

  2. Hi Den, make sure you have the newest carling branded glasses they make a hell of a difference. 105 to 110% is about average.

  3. I have Carling Extra cold on the bar. What are the newest glasses. There is a thing at the bottom of my Carling glasses that makes the beer froth, but not sure if these are the new ones. How do know and can I get knew ones. :oh

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