Carling trough a Stella pump


iv got a home bar and have just got a flash clooer and pump
can I run carling through a Stella 4 pump ? :-/


  1. Depends on a couople of factors but could be the temperature. Carling can be a real pain unless it’s cold. Also I beleive the stella 4 fotn have a special nozzle designed to give the beer a creamier head so try it without the nozzle/sparkler on.

  2. 372 wrote: Iv got a keg tap that fits carling but it come out all frothy what could it be ??

    That question is too broad and probably that is why you are not getting many replies, it is a bit like saying I have a rattle on my car what is it? Your best bet is to look through all the fobbing beer threads and see if you can identify a specific problem.

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