Carlsberg frothing due to warm weather


Hi all, newbie to site and to home beer dispensing too really.

i have a setup in my shed, yes I’m a sheddie, I have 2 taps with jssmooth and carlsberg running through a maxi cooler.

i serve the smooth with 70/30 gas and the lager with co2, the smooth doesn’t play up hardly at all but the carlsberg tends to froth badly lately. I assume it’s because the weather is hotter now than in December when I started and didn’t have any problems. I had the gas set to around 24psi in winter and the last keg I had in early June was a nightmare. The temp in the shed is probably around 28 -30 degrees now so I turned the gas down to around 15psi but that didn’t help. After wasting a lot of beer as the keg stated to empty it started to settle down and was ok on 18psi. I have just tapped a new keg again yesterday and it’s the same problem.

i turn the gas off and disconnect the coupler when not in use and it takes a lot of wasted beer to get it going again next time. I have read loads of sites and just get more confused as to what the pressure should be.

Any help would be great.

Many thanks


  1. Why on earth would you want to dispense beer in a shed when you can go down the Pub? Beer is meant to be stored in a cellar at 12c the only hope you have of dispensing lager there, is the same as we do on outside bars by using the 30/70 gas at the same pressure as the John Smiths and regulate the flow at the tap to slow and hope for the best.

    • Hi thanks for the reply. As for your question why in a shed its simple, I can watch football matches I want to watch when I want, pay roughly £1 a pint and don’t have to listen to some of the idiots that frequent pubs nowadays.
      I didn’t think I could dispense lager on 70/30?
      I’m going to persevere for now until I can get a 60/40 gas as others have said and give that a try.
      Many thanks again

  2. Hi, I too have a shed arrangement. I don’t have any problems with my set up in fact as I write I’m in the bar drinking chilled carlsberg. Try 60/40 on 35psi and 3 meters of pipe from your cellar bouy to the first chiller hopefully that will work. If you have re-circ on your flash cooler build a python around your 3 meters of pipe. That should do the trick I reckon. Let me know if you need any help. I live in Hertfordshire if you are local and want to check out the set up I use. Dave

    • Thanks for replying
      I’ll try the 60/40 gas as soon as I can source a bottle from my mate who gets them for me.
      Do you think it would help if I fitted a flow restrictor on the beer line?

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