Cask ale not clearing down issues


cask ale6We have just had cellar temperature issues due to the thermostat on the cellar air conditioning failing. As a result all our vented cask beers became cloudy. Air con is now repaired, 2 of our 4 beers have cleared, 2 have not (yet). I wonder if anyone can advise me on what we should do ? Will the other 2 clear naturally, will they need some “help”, or are they likely not to clear at all ? Any help appreciated




  1. I dont claim to be any expert on the subject but I do have a thought. If the cellar temperature rose could this have caused any Yeasts in the beer to grow / ferment. Different beers will have different yeasts so I guess it is possible that some may clear on their own and some may resist the now falling temberatures.
    It may be worth asking the respective brewers for advice.

    • if the temperature went to low, you will get a chill haze in the beer, and beer could pull flat, as its to cold, some times the chill haze will not clear,

  2. When beers did not drop bright the brewer used to send out some more finings and we would add these to the cask. It usually worked. I would ring the brewer first. If these casks haven’t dropped bright after a day or two then I doubt if they will.
    Another old trick was to take the casks off stillage and give them a good role around the cellar, this was a last resort.

  3. If the temperature went into the 60’s F it usually works so aggressively that it won’t clear down. Yes I would roll the container to mix up the finnings and stillage it again this has worked well for me in the past. But as said previously as a last resort.


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