Cask Ale the future


Cask beer is a growth area within the on trade. Is it time small and large brewers took full advantage of this renewed interest in cask beer and embraced new methods of dispense. The question is this , is cask beer defined by the past methods of dispense that by definition restrict it’s dispense, or is cask beer a product that is a unique in it’s own right and not defined by old traditions.

Some guardians of cask ale tradition have determined a set of criteria that they say defines what is cask beer and how it should be managed. With demand for cask beer increasing is it not time to reappraise what is really relevant to cask beer management and have a more objective view which encompasses new technologies and does not see cask beer management as frozen in time.

Getting cask beer products on the bar is important to all brewers , small and large. Making it easier for customers to sell cask beer without falling foul of the traditionalists and also keeping the essence of cask beer has to be a priority. The shrinking traditional pub trade is a spare to all brewers to adapt and find new markets for their products and perhaps take a more relaxed and pragmatic approach to cask beer.

Bag in box, aspirators, vertical stillaging and even more exotic methods of dispense should be available to the customer who wants to sell cask beer. Is this the way forward or will cask ale always remain with it’s origins and future firmly routed in the past.

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