Cask Ale through a standard python


remote1Hi, I have a standard python installation running through a normal water remote cooler. I would like to install a cask ale handpull but have been offered different advice.

I have been told it will be fine if I use a spare line off the python but dont connect the pump to the water recircs and also that even by doing this the beer will still be too cold. There is no way of installing a new python or running a new single line to the bar outside of the existing python. Any advice or is it a no go?




  1. Short of installing a cask ale cooling system, your best bet would be to use a spare line that goes directly into the python and not through one of the coils, a lot of pubs do it this way. If you have a not so long python this works pretty well (the longer the python the colder it will be). Bearing in mind you will probably have to use a gas pump and a check valve because the line is a smaller bore, otherwise it will be pretty hard going. Does this help?

  2. Yes mate, that sounds like good advice. I’m only lookin at trying one cask product to see how things go so as a trial it sounds perfect. Thanks for the advice.


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