Cask Ales too cold (ground floor cellar)


stillagingAs winters slowly drawing in my cask ales are getting slightly to cold that’s without coolers on in the cellar anyway to warm up casks slightly, heater on thermostat facing the casks maybe???? iv heard of insulating jackets to cool them are there insulating jackets to warm them? thanks







  1. Yeah under 10 degrees casks take ages to clear down its difficult to get them working at all. Wouldn’t a convector heater do the trick they are cheap enough, only make sure you have one with thermostat is geared to switch off 11 or 12 degrees Centigrade or just before the cooling cuts in?

  2. Hi Tom, It was once common practice I remember to have a cellar cooler that had a wall mounted fan heater wired in conjuction so that during cold spells the heater would be activated. I think a small heater in the cellar would work in preventing your casks getting too cold. Maybe just leaving your cellar door open allowing warm air in from the rest of the building might work.


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