Cask or craft beer


Craft or cask beer which is the way forward. Everywhere you look these days Tesco, Morrisons, Asda they all seem to be offering lots of bottled craft beers for sale. I have even started stocking some myself. I used to have cask on but found I couldn’t always sell it before it went off. The other thing I have noticed is women customers seem to be drinking craft beers as well. So from my experience I would say if you can’t stock cask beer then draught bottled craft is a good alternative.


  1. With craft beers it depends on the wholesale price you can buy it for. Tescos have cottoned on to the new trend of craft beer and are batting this stuff out at 3 for a fiver.

  2. We sell quite a few bottled ales. Its one off the only ways we can Also sell it on tap the micro brewery we buy the cask stuff off puts it in Kegs when you pull a pint a very small amount of CO2 goes into the keg they sell it in all the pubs round here sell it and locals and tourist dont know and drink it. We have had only One go of and that was threw the winter when no one was about and then it was only a few pints. The way they do it it lasts about 4 weeks yes 4 weeks. In fact we have threw more stout away than real ale. So we now sell Guinness Suger. and the locals like it

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